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Of course, we understand how challenging it is to maintain your tile & grout and keep it looking clean. You may spend hours cleaning and scrubbing it, however it appears disgusting again in no time at all. The issue here is, grout is very porous, and dirt penetrates deep within the surface. So even if you spend alot of time cleaning it, the soil rapidly surfaces to the top again. Your tiles also start to look dull with the excessive use of harsh cleaning products.

Most forms of natural stone flooring are also porous, so your stone floors can appear grimy and dirty as well.

These types of problems make the entire area look unattractive to the eye, and can also be hazardous to the health of your loved ones. How often have you felt embarrassed whenever a guest has used your restroom, due to your dirty grout problem? It’s frustrating whenever you try so hard to keep an area clean, however in no time at all it appears dirty once again.

Pro Team is the Solution to Your Dirty Tile & Grout Problem
We are able to end your laborious and ineffective attempts to get your tile, grout, or natural stone clean the way you’d like it. Rather than just cleaning the surface of your tile & grout, we use state of the art cleaning equipment that provides high pressure water and lots of suction!

Our system removes grime & dirt which has penetrated deep within the grout over many years as well as renewing the shine of dulled tile floors or counters.

The Result
Your tile flooring will have a like new and beautiful appearance once again! Our system isn’t simply a short term solution. Following cleaning, we can apply a coating of long lasting sealant to your grout or natural stone flooring.

This reduces soil penetration and makes your tile and grout easy to maintain. Additionly, the results will last on average of 12 to 18 months, saving you a lot of time, money, and elbow grease.

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We Clean
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